Air Conditioning Thermostat Settings While on Summer Vacation

heatingtechMany people turn their HVAC systems off when they leave for an extended vacation. However,  Katy air conditioning service professionals might disagree with that line of thinking for several reasons. You will definitely save money if you power the system down while you are gone, but upon your return, you may spend all the money you saved when you reset your thermostat to its normal level.

You also have to consider the comfort of any pets that you are leaving at home. Dogs, cats and birds can overheat very quickly if you turn off your HVAC system. When the temperature outside is 90 degrees, your house can easily heat up to 100 degrees or more in the daytime. It is a better idea to leave the system turned on with a slight modification to the settings. This applies to manual and automated thermostats.

If you turn your system off completely or raise the level 10 degrees or more than its normal setting, your house may overheat and become filled with humid air. That combination can lead to wall damage if the sheetrock gets moist. It could also provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew in tight, sweaty corners around appliances and throughout your vent system. When you return and lower the thermostat to your comfort level, your HVAC system may have to work so hard to lower the temperature that it could experience problems.

The trick is to save money while you have fun in the sun. You want to strike a happy medium between saving money and being overly aggressive in your settings. If you ask a Katy AC repair technician what the ideal thermostat setting should be while you are gone for your summer fling, the answer would be 4 degrees more than the usual level. If you normally keep your home at 72 degrees, raise it to 76 degrees. With that slight adjustment, you will save money and avoid problems that could arise if your home becomes too hot while you are on vacation.

If you are going on vacation to escape the wintry weather, you should apply the same logic. You may be tempted to turn the system off completely, but if you do, your heat pump might have to work too hard to bring the house back up to temperature upon your return. Therefore, it is smart to leave the system turned on with the thermostat lowered 4 degrees. Because a gas furnace requires less energy to reheat your home than a heat pump, you can double your pleasure and save even more by dropping the temperature as much as 8 degrees.

If you have an older conventional thermostat, take advantage of new technology by having a Katy HVAC repair company upgrade your system with a programmable thermostat. The high-technology thermostats currently on the market permit you to adjust their levels remotely with smartphone apps.

As you are returning from your vacation, you can adjust the thermostat before you arrive. When you get home, your house will be as comfortable as it was on the day you departed. Programmable thermostats can also be set to raise or lower the heat depending on the time of day. Some models use motion detectors to determine if a room is occupied or not. If nobody is in the room, that area will not be kept as warm or cool as the rest of the house.

Give All Out A/C & Heating a call if you would like to discuss programmable thermostats. We can bring you up to date on the latest, greatest technology and tell you how a modern thermostat can save you money all year long.

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