How A HVAC Unit Works To Cool Your Home

Trane-Condenser-Cut-AwayIf you have been thinking about scheduling Katy air conditioning service or installing a new system, you might have questions about how this equipment works. Knowledge on the inner workings of an HVAC unit can help you make the right maintenance decisions and operate your system more efficiently. Many homes in Sugar Land and Katy, Texas use central air conditioners or heat pumps.

Central A/C

Although their configurations vary, most cooling systems consist of the same basic parts. They use condensers, compressors, filters, fans, evaporators, ductwork and thermostats. The cooling process begins when your home’s indoor temperature becomes warmer than the thermostat setting. An HVAC system circulates air throughout the house, refrigerating and filtering it in the process.

Warm air from indoor return ducts passes through a filter that captures airborne pollutants. It also moves over a copper coil filled with a refrigerant. This component extracts heat by absorbing it. After the refrigerant becomes warm, your cooling system moves it outdoors to release unwanted heat. A fan and a compressor help to accomplish this.

Air conditioning equipment does not only reduce the indoor temperature. It also makes homes feel cooler by removing humidity. This happens when moisture condenses on the refrigerant coil due to the sudden temperature change. A drain collects this condensation and automatically releases it outdoors. Cold, dry air moves through the home’s ducts with the help of a fan.

During the cooling process, the refrigerant shifts between fluid and vaporous forms. This occurs as its temperature repeatedly rises and falls. Expansion and compression devices help facilitate these changes. If the equipment works properly, it will use the same refrigerant again and again.

Vaporized refrigerant becomes a cool fluid after it releases heat outdoors. It returns to the home to collect more excess warmth, and the cycle is repeated as many times as necessary. The system continues to function as long as all components remain in order and it receives a steady supply of electricity.

Heat Pumps

Despite its name, a heat pump actually works in much the same way as an A/C unit. It uses a refrigerant to remove the warmth from hot indoor air and transfer it outdoors. During Katy’s brief winter, it operates in reverse. The refrigerant can extract warmth from cool outdoor air, move it indoors and produce heat.

One major difference is that some heat pumps work without ducts. They move hot or cool refrigerant through narrow conduits. The indoor and outdoor HVAC units use fans to blow air over coils and change the temperature. This eliminates the need for bulky ductwork but requires homeowners to install air handlers in each room.

Some homes in the Katy area combine central A/C units with conventional gas or electric furnaces. Although these systems use different processes to heat and cool a building, they often share some of the indoor HVAC equipment. Air passes through the same ductwork, and both systems may be controlled by a single thermostat.

To sum it up, heat pumps and A/C systems integrate three basic processes. They cool the air using the same method as a refrigerator. Unlike this kitchen appliance, they transfer heat outdoors rather than releasing it into the home. The equipment also extracts humidity by creating and collecting condensation. Warm moisture condenses on a cool refrigerant coil just like it does on a cold bottle of water.

You can benefit from understanding how these systems work, but it is best to leave maintenance and installation to the experts. AllOut A/C and Heating offers top-notch Katy HVAC repair and Sugar Land air conditioning service. Our certified technicians also perform tune-ups that help Texas homeowners boost efficiency and reliability. To learn more, please call 281-238-9292.

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